The Australian escort scene

I am not an expert. Like really, what can an innocent trans girl possibly know about the escort scene in the land down under? Well let’s just start with the fact that I have personally met hundreds of Aussie and touring escorts ranging from the bottom of the barrel all the way straight up to the… errrrr I shall proceed with caution… straight up to the top. I say this because as they say, the sky is the limit.

We are not making a comparison here at all to places such as the glitzy lights of Las Vegas or the hallowed confines of the Big Apple. No way can Australia even come remotely close to being at the same scale (it’s a small population with a very big outback), but don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of half-decent mostly-attractive skilled courtesans down under. In fact, Australia is likely one of the best places for every punter to visit. Commercial sex in Australia is not illegal, and escorts can freely advertise and conduct their business accordingly. Mind you, laws do vary from state to state, but your sex worker will likely promptly educate you should you do anything that steps out of line. With this being said, the escorts down under are vastly abundant, competitive, caring, talented and, well, supply and demand dictates market rates.

There are not too many civilised cities that I’ve frequented where a top-notch babe is ready for you to the slight tune of the equivalent of $350 US per hour… and yes, you will be more than welcomed to book a date for one hour. Goodbye $2500 US per hour North American rates, hello Aussie dollar. It almost makes you think if you should grab a few mates and fly business class over the Pacific for a weekend in a tropical climate city such as Brisbane on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Ok, enough talking about the hoes – let’s talk about the bros. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you can have your selection of stud or stallion as well. There are a handful of gents who are intent on devising strategies to become celebrity male escorts. I say disco, whatever that means. It doesn’t matter, guys are the ones that carry testosterone so turn your eyes to half of the world’s population who will just as happily do an apple pie to get off. American Pie, it’s a oldie movie and you should watch it if you haven’t already. Oh yeah, and speaking about movies please remind me that I have to drop a review for the brilliant movie that hottie ex-porn girl Sasha Grey starred in back in oh-nine. Good flick, for sure with 2 thumbs up… straight up and down that beautiful Sasha who plays Chelsea who is actually Christine… sound familiar?

Anyways, let’s get this article done as we drift away thinking about the big shemale candy sticks that may be flapping around down under. What you say? Oh my, seriously this article is just going to stop there, without discussing the shemale escorts in Australia?